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4-inch Funko Pop Protector | SILVER | 25 and 50 units pack

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Keep your 4-inch Funko Pop in good condition with our SILVER Funko Pop Protector. Protector with anti-scratch film.

Features of our 4-inch SILVER Funko Pop Protectors


MAXIMUM PROTECTION: Give your Funko pop the protection it deserves with our 0.4 mm thick SILVER protective case. Forget about worrying about breakages or damage, your Funkos will be safe at all times!

PRESERVE YOUR COLLECTION: Our second-best Funko Pop case to ensure your collection stays perfect for years: water-resistant and with a protective film to arrive at your home without scratches or dirt: your Funkos will look perfect.

HASSLE-FREE: Store your Funko Pop in a protector so easy to assemble it will seem like magic. We have already assembled it for our favourites: Funko pop Marvel, Funko pop Disney, Funko pop Pokémon, and Funko Pop Harry Potter.

PACK FOR COLLECTORS: Keep your Funko pop collection organized and safe with one of the best cases on the market. Our pack of 50 SILVER Funko Pop protectors will allow you to see, enjoy, and protect your collection at the same time.

PROTECT ALL YOUR FUNKOS: Whether a custom or limited edition Funko pop, our SILVER Funko pop protector is the perfect solution to keep it safe from damage and dust. Protect yourself from unpleasant surprises!


Are you a Funko Pop collector? If so, you know how important it is to protect your valuable figures. The 0.4 mm thick SILVER plastic protective case is the perfect solution to ensure maximum protection for your Funkos. Additionally, with its water-resistant protective film, your Funkos will remain in perfect condition for years, without worrying about scratches or dirt. Our Silver Funko Pop protector is compatible with a wide variety of figures, including Funko Pop Stranger Things, Funko Pop Marvel, Funko Pop Disney, Funko Pop Pokemon, Funko Pop Harry Potter, and custom Funkos. The assembly is simple and requires no tools or special skills, so you can protect your figures in seconds. If you are a serious collector, our packs of 12, 25, and 50 transparent SILVER protectors for Funko Pop are perfect for keeping your collection organized and safe. Enjoy your figures while protecting them at the same time. Whether you have a custom or limited edition Funko Pop, our SILVER Funko Pop protector is the perfect solution to keep it safe from damage and dust. Don't risk losing your valuable collection to unpleasant surprises. With our SILVER protective case, you can have peace of mind that your Funkos are protected at all times. Protect your investment and keep your figures as good as new!

Additional information

Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions 28.9 × 9 × 22 cm
SILVER 4" Packs


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