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At Fanatiko, we have designed a perfect solution for all those Funko Pop! enthusiasts who want to keep their figures in pristine condition. Our hard protector for Funko Pop! made of polycarbonate ensures that your Funkos stay safe and dust-free while proudly displaying your collection.

Funko Pop hard protector example

4″ Funko Pop! hard protector

When it comes to protection, we leave no room for compromises. Our hard protector specifically designed for 4″ Funkos fits perfectly. Made with high-quality materials, this Funko Pop! hard protector ensures maximum durability and strength, safeguarding your figures from impacts, scratches, and other potential dangers.

Crystal Clarity

It allows for optimal visibility, so you can showcase your Funko Pop! without compromising their protection.

Easy Opening

Designed to allow easy access to your Funkos, thanks to its magnet system in the corners, without damaging the box or the figure.

UV Protection

The formula to resist UV rays provides superior protection against harmful ultraviolet rays.

Premium Protection

We have created a custom polycarbonate, specifically designed to provide exceptional durability, being 30 times stronger than acrylic.

Why choose Fanatiko’s Funko Pop! hard protector?

We understand the true value of Funko Pop! collectibles. Each Funko is a precious work of art that deserves the utmost protection. At Fanatiko, our passion and expertise come together to offer you exceptional solutions that go above and beyond your expectations.

Our 4″ Funko Pop! hard protector not only ensures the safety of your collectibles but also enhances their aesthetic appeal. Designed with the utmost care, our Funko Pop! box protector is the ideal choice for fans seeking the perfect blend of protection and presentation.

Protect and showcase with style

We firmly believe in the importance of safeguarding your Funko Pop! collection without sacrificing their display value. With our high-quality Funko Pop! hard protector, you can ensure both maximum protection and stylish presentation. Whether you’re a novice collector or a seasoned enthusiast, our Funko Pop! box protector is the ultimate solution to maintain the pristine condition of your cherished figures. Place your order today and provide your Funko Pops with the secure and elegant housing they deserve.

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