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At Fanatiko, we understand how important your Funko Pop! figures are to you. They represent not just monetary value, but emotional value as well. They’re a reflection of your passions, your favourite series and movies, and we want to help you take care of them as they deserve. That’s why we’ve developed the Funko Pop! briefcase, an ideal solution to keep your Funkos in perfect condition, whether at home, on display, or while travelling.

Funko Pop briefcase

Premium Material

Manufactured using aluminium reinforcements and a high-density foam-filled interior, achieving maximum stability without compromising its aesthetic appeal.

Safe Lock

Double locking mechanism for safe transport and display.

Scratch Resistance

Acrylic display panel with a special coating that makes it highly scratch resistant, ensuring a flawless and durable display in any environment.

Easy Transportation

Ergonomically designed handle for comfort and ease of carrying.

3 Funko Pop! Briefcase

Ideal for the discerning collector, this 4″ Funko Pop! briefcase, made with durable materials, features individual compartments to ensure the safety of 3 of your most prized Funko Pop! figures. Its compact design and sturdy closure ensure that your figures are protected against the elements and any mishaps.

3 Funko Pop briefcase

6 Funko Pop! Briefcase

For those wishing to carry a wider selection, we present our briefcase with the capacity for 6 Funko Pop!. With the same high-quality construction as the previous model, this briefcase offers additional space without compromising the safety and care of your 4″ Funko Pop! figures.

Maletín para 6 Funko Pop abierto

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