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Funko Pop! Protector

There is nothing more important to a collector than the safety of their pieces. That’s why we offer a range of Funko Pop! protectors, designed to protect your figures from damage.

Protector para Funko Pop
Protector funko pop Platinum series


For collectors seeking the utmost protection, our high-end protectors are the perfect choice. Made with the highest quality materials and a thickness of 0.7 mm, these protectors ensure your 4″ Funko Pop! remain in pristine condition.

Protector funko pop gold 40 uds


For discerning collectors who don’t settle for the basics. Crafted from premium materials and with a thickness of 0.5 mm, these 4″ protectors ensure that your Funko Pop! figures remain in pristine condition.

Protector funko pop silver 50 uds


These 4″ Funko protectors are designed to offer effective protection, with a thickness of 0.4mm and at an affordable price, ensuring the safety of your Funko Pop!

Protector Funko Pop ediciones especiales


Our special edition 4″ Funko Pop! protectors are designed to offer effective protection with a thickness of 0.4mm.

Funko Pop! Wall Display

Our Funko Pop wall display is created with exceptional precision and quality, keeping collectors like you in mind. This display has been designed to maximize space and present your 4″ Funko Pop! in the best possible manner.

With our Funko Pop! display, you can proudly exhibit your collection, confident that each figure is housed in a secure and conspicuous location. Furthermore, it doubles as a Funko Pop! showcase, transforming your assembly into a genuine piece of art.

Estantería para Funkos vacía, de lado

Funko Pop! Hard Case Protector

Protect your Funko Pop! with the security and style they deserve with our 4″ polycarbonate protector for Funko Pop!. Made from polycarbonate, this protector ensures optimum visibility while providing robust protection against dust, impacts, scratches, and UV rays. Its precise design allows for a perfect fit with your 4″ Funko Pop!, ensuring they remain in perfect condition without compromising their aesthetic. Do not let your favourite Funko Pop! lose their value and lustre.

Funko Pop hard protector

Funko Pop! Storage Briefcase

Discover the security and convenience of transporting your figurines with our protective briefcases designed for 3 and 6 four-inch Funko Pop! figures. These cases, crafted with high-resistance materials, ensure complete protection against bumps, drops, and scratches. Their padded interior and specific compartments keep your Funko Pop! figures securely in place, preventing unwanted movement. Compact and lightweight, it is the essential accessory for any collector who wishes to keep their figures in perfect condition, even when on the move.

6 Funko Pop briefcase

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